Mostbet Agent app & How to use

Mostbet have developed a Agent app with an intuitive interface, available in English, Uzbek, Bengali and Russian, Vietnamese, Urdu,  which you can use to accept deposits, make payments, set up your own agent network, and earn money. Your own business right in your pocket!

Mostbetcash app
Mostbet Cash App Deposit Player in Bangla

Features of Mostbet Agent APP

Deposit in Local Currency

Using Mostbet Cash Agent app you can make the Agent deposit in Local currency only BDT and NPR.

Transaction History

With our agent app you can check the transaction history for 2 weeks and download custom transaction history in your registered email address.

Easy to Operate

Mostbet Cash Agent app is very easy to operate with multiple features

Give Deposit & Withdraw

Give deposit and withdraw to players in the local currency from Mostbet Cash Agent App

24/7 Support

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Higher Commission

Mostbet offers higher commission for its agents. you can start you agent network with 100 USD.

Table of Contents

Mobcash Agent app features

With Mobcash app you can do the following task and get Commission:

  •  Accept deposits and top up players’ balances
  •  Make withdrawals from users’ accounts and pay them out in cash
  •  Create your own cashier network for a specific region
  •  Enter new markets and open a business in a new country
  •  Attract new players
  • Get rewards

Benefits of Becoming Agent

Mostbet Cash Agent is much more lucrative! An agent is someone who seeks out bettors and earns a commission by helping them to deposit and withdraw funds to and from their account.

Using our app and your phone, you can open your own Agent Account, accept deposits, process payouts and, most importantly, earn money.

If you want more, we can also help you build your own agent network. This is a great way to scale up your business and earn even more.

More cashiers means more profit!

How to Login to Mostbet Agent APP

To Login into the Mostbet Agent app you need to follow these steps

1. The user opens the application.

2. The user enters his email, password and cashier ID received from Manager in his Personal telegram.

For example:

E-mail –

Password – 123456

Cashier ID – C1234

3. On the next step, the user change the  password and set new password.

Mostbetcash app

How to Top up the Mostbet Agent Account

Cashier will need to send the message through telegram bot link below and ask for the deposit and will get wallet details to make deposit in local currency.

Bangladesh Cashier Deposit Link:
Rest of the world

Mostbet Cash Agent Top Up

Top Up Mostbet Agent Account in Bangladesh

You can easily make deposits for Mostbet Cash agents using local Payment methods (BKASH, NAGAD, ROCKET) and for NEPAL (ESEWA, KHALTI, IMEPAY)

Mostbet Cash Refill
The Mostbet Cashier operator, in accordance with the payment method Selected by the agent, Operator will sends the wallet numbers of the Wallet Top Up agent for transfer. Currently Bkash, Nagad and Rocket Wallets are available to make top up in local currency.
Local Payment transfer
The Agent makes a transfer to the given wallet number,minimum amount is 10,000 BDT for Bangladesh Agent and with in one hour he Recives money in his Mobcash account 
Mostbet Cashier agent statement
After Making cash out request in Agent Walllet number you have to submit the transaction screen shot in the app and request for the money and put the deposited amount. and you will receive your money in Mostbet Cash app with in one hour.
Mostbet Cash app Deposit options
You can also have the option to Make Deposit using Your bank account and USDT wallet.

Top up Mostbet Agent using USDT

You can easily make deposits for Mostbet Cash agents using local Payment methods (BKASH, NAGAD, ROCKET) and for NEPAL (ESEWA, KHALTI, IMEPAY)

To top up your account via USDT click on the button – “Deposit cashier account”
Mostbet Cash App Deposit
In the new window, click on the USDT icon. At the bottom you can select the ERC-20 or TRC-20 system.
Mostbet cash Wallet Details
After clicking continue, you will see a QR code and wallet number , where you will transfer USDT, copy the wallet number.
Go to your Crypto wallet  and make a transfer, after a couple of minutes you will receive this transfer to the balance of your account. you also need to send the transaction id .

how to give withdraw using mostbet agent app

Withdrawal of funds by the Mostbet Cash method is available to the player if they deposit by Mostbet Cash. The player opens the “Withdrawal from account” and chooses “Mostbet Cash” as withdraw method.
Go to your crypto stock and make a transfer, after a couple of minutes you will receive this transfer to the balance of your account.
Then need to fill in the following fields: 1.Amount 2.Cashier Agent (a drop-down list with the addresses of the cash Agents through which the player made a deposit)
Mostbet Cash agent Code Confirmation
The player fills in the fields and clicks “order payment”. The withdrawal amount is reserved from the Player account, a pop-up with the text opens: “The withdrawal request has been successfully created. The transaction confirmation code will be sent to your email and will also be available in the withdrawal history. Give the code to Cashier to receive funds.”
Mostbet Cash Agent Withdraw
The confirmation code is sent to the player’s via e-mail, and is also available in the withdrawal history when a transaction is selected. The player give the confirmation code to the cashier. The player receives the specified withdraw amount.
The cashier log in to the app and clicks “Withdraw of funds.”
write Player  ID, The withdraw  code The cashier fills in the fields and confirms withdrawal by pressing the “OK” button. Money is debited from the player's account and credited to the cashier’s account. The Cash Agent transfers cash to the player.

How to CHECK Mostbet CASHIER transactions

In Mostbet Cash Agent App, you can check your transaction history by clicking on the cashier operations section. You can also check the cashier commission from the rewards section. You will get a reward two times a month.

In the Сashier operations section of Mostbet agent apk you can see all transactions that you made: transaction date, player account and transaction amount.
Mostbet Agent App rewards Section
In the Rewards section of Mostbet agent apk you can see how much commission you have been charged for transactions. Cashiers will get commission after 15 days time period mean means two times in a month.
Mostbet Cashier agent statement
If you click the right icon at the top, you can order a detailed unloading of all transactions, at the same time you can see what commission is in your account and how much you earned on each transaction.