How Do I Register in Mostbet Cash?

Registering with Mostbet Cash is very simple and easy. You need to be of legal age and have a mobile phone with internet, and you can start making money with us.

MostBet is the fastest-growing international bookmaker, which hosts bets in more than 93 countries worldwide. More than 1 million people participate and earn money in various sports, such as cricket, football, basketball, tennis, casinos, virtual games, e-sports, Live Games, fantasy sports, etc. The history of the brand began in 2009, and more than ten years of experience have brought the company to the leaders of the industry in many countries of the world.

To register as Mostbet Cash, please follow this link.

Mostbet Cash Registration Step By Step

To become a Mostbet Cash Agent, you need to be over 18+. You need to fill in the form on the website with your correct details and submit your ID Photo Scan on the Front and Back side and One Selfie with your ID in your hand. You will be contacted via telegram by Mostbet Cashier Manager and receive login details.

How to use Mostbet Cash App

Download the app from the website and always update the Mostbet Cash app to the latest version. Afterwards, you can top up your cashier account, invite players to Mostbet refill the player account and earn a commission for each deposit and withdrawal you make, you can make money with a Mostbet Agent by simply inviting your friends to the Mostbet Affiliate Program

Time needed: 1 minute

The first step is to Download the latest version of the MBCash Application from the official website and install it on your device(MBCash is available only for ANDRIOD).

  1. Login to MBCash Account

    after receiving your login details(Cashier ID, franchise ID, E-mail, Password) on telegram, you can log in to the MBCash app, and you will be asked to change your default passwordMostbet Cash Agent

  2. Main Screen of the App After Logging in

    The main screen displays the balance of your cash-desk and the main functions:
    1. Deposit the player’s account.
    2. Withdrawal of player’s fund.
    3. Top up the Cashier account.
    The side menu contains the following sections:
    1. Profile – return to the main screen.
    2. The Cashier Operations section displays statistics of all transactions and the current balance.
    3. The “Rewards” section displays the amount of commission you have earned.
    4. From the “Contacts” section, you may message us by e-mail or telegram.
    5. In the “Support” section, you may ask any question in the chat.Mosbtet Cash Loggin Screen

  3. How to Top Up Mostbet Cash Account

    to top up the cashier account by simply tapping the “Deposit cashier account” or by telegram Bot. The minimum top-up amount using Crypto is 100 USDT, with the Local currency of Bangladesh only 10,000 BDT.
    1. Transfer the deposit amount you wish using the details that you can find in the support chat.
    2. On the application’s main page, tap “Deposit cashier account” and create a request. To do this, you need to enter the amount, attach a payment receipt and tap on the “confirm” button.
    3. Send to the support chat or to your manager’s chat:
    – Cashier ID and Franchisee ID.
    – Top-up amount.
    – Payment receipt.
    – Transaction id:
    MBCash Top Up Screen

  4. How to Deposit Funds to Player Account

    On the application’s main page, click “Deposit account” and enter the player ID.
    After the opened page, you will see that such a player is registered in the MostBet. Enter the required deposit amount and tap “OK”.Deposit to Player Account MbCash

  5. Withdrawal of player’s funds

    – To withdraw funds, the player must create a request in his personal MostBet account using the “MostBet Cash” method and receive the code. The method will be available if the player has previously made a deposit through your cashier.
    – On the main page, tap on “Withdrawal of funds”, enter the player ID and player’s code and tap “OK”.
    – Done! The funds will be debited from the player’s game account and credited to your cashier’s account.
    Withdraw Funds from Player account MbCash


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